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Cozi Vacation Rentals Guest Agreement

The terms of our Guest Agreement are intended to help you enjoy a safe, reliable, and convenient stay. The Guest Agreement sets out the terms of your booking with us if you have booked a short-term rental (without a lease agreement). Please carefully read the agreement before signing or booking our rental through a 3rd party booking platform like Airbnb or HomeAway. Thank you for choosing Cozi Vacation Rentals, and we look forward to hosting you soon!

Guest Agreement

Cozi Vacation Rentals, DBA for Cozi Group, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Cozi", "we", "us", or "our") provides rental management and marketing services on behalf of homeowners ("Owners") who rent their properties (including the associated fixtures and furnishings) (the “Home”) to guests (the "Guest" or "you") seeking accommodations on a short term or long-term basis (collectively, the “Services”). We are the Owner's property manager and authorized marketing agent, who will perform the Services related to your reservation. By using the Home and Services, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of this guest agreement (the "Agreement"). This Agreement only applies to both short term rentals and long term leased rentals.

Policies or “House-Rules”

Please treat our Owner's Home with the care you would at your own home and abide by the following policies:

  1. Zero Tolerance and Respect the Community Policy: Behave as you would in any home in which you live, with respect for the property you are renting and the neighborhood for which the property is located. We have a zero-tolerance policy If any disrespect is reported to us regarding: disrespect to the home, property, neighborhood, and neighbors in the community. We will immediately require you to leave the property without a refund if this policy is not followed accordingly.
  2. Age Requirements and 3rd Party Reservations Policy: You must be over the age of 25 to book any Cozi Vacation Rentals Property. No individual or entity is allowed to book or make a reservation on behalf of someone (3rd Party bookings) for any rental property for individuals who are under the age of 25. Additionally, no individual is allowed to book any property for any other individuals if they will not be physically staying at the property themselves. Simply put, the person making the reservation must be staying at the property for the entire duration of the reservation.
  3. Check-In and Check-Out Policy: For Cozi Vacation Rentals properties, check-in time is 4PM and check-out time is 11 AM. However, Cozi Vacation Rentals Baltimore properties have a check-in time of 3 PM and check-out time of 11 AM. If you fail to check-out by 11 AM a $250, late check-out fee will be charged at any property managed by Cozi Vacation Rentals. We will never be able to guarantee a late check-out or an early check-in. You must coordinate this with us prior to your arrival.
  4. Cleaning Policy: Each home will be cleaned and inspected by third-party cleaning contractors before your arrival and after your departure. We ask you to help us assist the cleaning crews as much as possible. They will appreciate simple things such as leaving the Home tidy, running the dishwasher, starting to wash the towels, and taking out the trash. Please use common courtesy at the Home by keeping it clean, reporting any problems or damages, washing dishes as used, taking garbage to the outside bins, leaving towels in the bathrooms and sheets in the bedrooms, and not rearranging furniture.
  5. Extra Guests Policy: For any property that sleeps over 6 individuals, for each additional guest, an additional fee of $10 per guest per night will be charged and added to your reservation after booking.
  6. Rooftop Decks, Patios, Stairs, Grills, Pools and Recreational Equipment of Any Kind Policy: If the Home that you have reserved includes a Rooftop Decks, Patios, Stairs, Grills, Pools and Recreational Equipment of Any Kind, these can all be very dangerous and hazardous. Guests should observe and adhere to all rules and policies prior to checking into the property and supervise all children at all times when staying at the property. Decks, Patios and Stairs can be slippery when wet and/or icy and can result in injury to anyone who is not careful. Grills must be used by Guests only over the age of 25. No Guests under the age of 25 may have access to the Grills. Any Guests under the age of 18 must have adult supervision at all times when utilizing Pools. All Guests and persons at the property accept and assume all risks involved in or related to the use of Rooftop Decks, Patios, Stairs, Grills, Pools and Recreational Equipment of Any Kind. Cozi Vacation Rentals nor its Owners will not be liable for any personal injury that occurs while staying at the rental Home.
  7. Excessive Wear and Tear and Cleanliness Policy: If excessive wear and tear is found at the home during or after Guests’ stay, or if any additional cleaning is necessary due to spills, trash left on site, stains to furniture, damaged items, carpeting, linens, paint, wallpaper, or flooring, Guest authorizes Cozi Vacation Rentals to charge Guest for additional fees. The tenant will be provided with a receipt for any additional fees incurred upon request or as required by local laws or regulations. In addition to repayment of any Excessive Wear and Tear, Noise, and Occupancy, if we have to charge Guest for additional fees, a service fee of $100 will be assessed for damages under $1000, and minimum $500 for damages over $1000, in addition to your security deposit not getting refunded. If any sign of smoking is discovered Guest authorizes Cozi to charge Guest an additional $500 cleaning fee.
  8. Pet Policy: Unless the reservation for the Home specifically allows a pet, if any sign of a pet is discovered, then Guest authorizes Cozi to charge Guest an additional minimum $500 cleaning fee.
  9. Security Deposit and Credit Card After Stay Policy: Cozi will return any balance of a security deposit to Guest, less any charges or amounts owed by Guest, within fourteen (14) days after the end of the reservation or as otherwise required by local laws or regulations. Any charges owed by Guest may be charged by Cozi to Guest’s card on file in addition to seeking any relief provided by law.
  10. Occupancy Restrictions, Noise, and No Partying Policy: You will be an occupant of the unit during the entire reserved period and other occupants of the home during your stay will be family members, friends, responsible adults or children under direct adult supervision. Do not exceed the maximum occupancy of the Home that is advertised to you prior to booking. Our property sizes and total occupancy allowed varies per property. As an example ONLY, if when booking one of our Cozi Rental Properties, it states it can sleep 10 people, you will not be able to sleep more than 10 people or have 10 people inside of the home at any time. We have a zero-tolerance policy if you choose to have more people in the home than advertised to you. Additionally, there are to be no additional guests who are not disclosed to us prior to your reservation allowed at the property during the term of your stay. No parties, noise that can be heard beyond the Home lot line or in adjacent units, or any illegal activity may occur at the Home. No Noise outside of the unit after 9 PM on weeknights or 10 PM on week-ends. If at any time the maximum number of the Home’s occupants is exceeded or if we receive information about excessive noise, Cozi has the right to evict Guest and all occupants immediately and to charge Guest a minimum service fee of $250 with no refund for the balance of the remaining reservation.
  11. Maintenance and Access Policy: We have the right to enter the Home at any time during a Guest’s stay and we will diligently attempt to address maintenance issues as they occur. Maintenance issues are an associated risk of renting a single-family residence or condo. If a maintenance issue occurs that cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time (within 12 hours) or if the Home is unavailable for any reason as determined in our discretion, and significantly affects your stay; we reserve the right to refund at our discretion or offer to relocate you to another nearby comparable home.
  12. Phone, Internet, and Cable Policy: Unless otherwise specified, all homes are equipped with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection where service is available and we will provide you with any required Wi-Fi passwords. We do not provide a landline phone for any rental property and suggest that you please use your mobile phone or Wi-Fi enabled phone for calls. We do not offer cable at most of the rental properties but several of our properties but do provide smart TV's where you will be able to watch your favorite shows through 3rd party services like Netflix or other TV app providers. Please check with Cozi prior to your stay if your rental has cable or not. It will also be appropriately advertised to the Guest booking our rental properties if cable is provided or not.
  13. Weather and Other Unforeseen Events Policy: Cozi does not accept liability for any inconveniences arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in supply of water, gas, electricity or plumbing, damage caused by weather/road conditions, natural disasters, acts of God or other reasons beyond its control. No refunds will be given for any delays or cancellations due to such conditions. Travel Insurance is highly recommended for any stay.
  14. Homeowners Associations and Non-Property Outside Conditions Policy: Cozi cannot warrant the usability or condition of amenities provided through homeowner associations, including, but not limited to pools, hot tubs, club houses, tennis courts, golf facilities, and picnic & beach facilities. Furthermore, Cozi Vacation Rentals is not liable or responsible for any event, occurrence, or situation that happens outside of the specific Rental Home that is not related to the property itself.
  15. Indemnity Policy: Neither Owner nor Cozi Vacation Rentals assumes any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury to Guest, his/her guests or other occupants in the Home. The Guest, for himself/herself, his/her heirs, assignors, executors and administrators, fully releases and discharges Owner and Cozi Vacation Rentals from any and all claims, demands and causes of action by reason of any injury or whatever nature which has or have occurred, or may occur to the Guest, his/her guests or other occupants of the Home as a result of, or in connection with the occupancy of the Home and agrees to hold Owner and Cozi Vacation Rentals free and harmless of any claim or suit arising therefrom. In any action concerning the rights, duties or liabilities of the parties to this Agreement, or their principals, agents, successors or assignees the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs.
  16. Sale Contingency or Unavailability Policy: In the rare event the Home that that you have reserved is for sale, is sold or is otherwise unavailable for any reason as determined by Cozi, then Cozi, in Cozi’s discretion, reserves the right to provide Guest with a comparable home at no additional cost to the Guest or cancel and refund Guest’s reservation.
  17. Payment and Cancellations Policy: We accept all major credit cards and will only accept reservations with a valid credit card on file or if the reservation has been confirmed through a credible 3rd party Online Transaction Agency (OTA) such as Airbnb or VRBO. For all reservations made directly over the phone or through our direct website www.cozivr.com, we charge the full rental rate and all associated fees upfront at the time of booking. If a cancellation occurs 30 days or more prior to arrival date, a 100% refund will be credited back to the original form of payment. If a cancellation occurs 15-29 days prior to arrival date, a 50% refund will be credited back to the original form of payment. If a cancellation occurs 14-5 days prior to the arrival date, a 25% refund will be credited back to the original form of payment. If a cancellation occurs 5 days or less prior to arrival date, a 0% refund will be credited back to the original form of payment. All reservations which are made within 10 days in advance are fully refundable if the guest cancels the reservation within 72 hours after the time of booking. All refunds will be 94% of the payment due to Cozi Vacation Rentals having a 3% credit card charge when Guests’ book and then a 3% credit card fee when Cozi Vacation Rentals issues the refund. Therefore, 6% of the entire reservation amount will not be refunded. Any reservation confirmed for or that span through any USA holiday is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  18. Physical Disabilities Policy: If you have any disability, you must disclose this disability to us at the time of booking. We do not discriminate anyone with disabilities and will do our best to accommodate you but need to insure the property you are renting can safely accommodate your disability.
  19. Parking Policy: All of our properties have different parking situations. Some properties have private off-street parking, parking pads, and garages, while others only offer street parking with a parking pass or free street parking. Some properties also have vehicle restrictions for the number of vehicles allowed onsite. Please note, each city has their own parking regulations. EACH HOMES PARKING SITUATION IS DIFFERENT AND IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED VERY CAREFULLY REGARDING YOUR SPECIFIC PROPERTIES PARKING SITUATION. We will provide you with all of the details you need regarding parking, but it's your responsibility to follow the instructions we provide and to follow all local municipality parking instructions posted on streets and signs. Additionally, it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence on parking rules, laws, and regulations prior to your visit to any of our rental properties. We are not liable and will not be responsible for any parking fees or if your car is towed at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  20. Events Policy: No events, parties, weddings or any other gatherings are allowed without prior written permission from Cozi Vacation Rentals. Renter may not engage in any activities that disturb the quiet enjoyment of others in the surrounding area. Events and event fees are subject to Cozi Vacation Rentals discretion. If an event, party, wedding or gathering has been approved by Cozi Vacation Rentals there will be an additional fee on top of the original rental fee for the property. Any commercial or promotional use(s) of the property requires prior express written approval from Cozi Vacation Rentals and the Owner, and is subject to additional use fees.
  21. Surveillance Security Cameras Policy: Cozi Vacation Rentals does utilize Surveillance Security Camera’s located externally on the outside of the property ONLY! Our properties are full-time vacation rentals and these Surveillance Security Cameras are there for our properties and our renter’s protection, safety, and security. WE NEVER PUT SURVEILLANCE SECURITY CAMERA’S OR RECORDING DEVICES INSIDE OF OUR PROPERTIES EVER. AGAIN, OUR SURVEILLANCE SECURITY CAMERA’S ARE ONLY ON THE EXTERIOR OF THE PROPERTY AND ARE NEVER INSIDE. YOU HAVE 100% PRIVACY INSIDE OF OUR RENTALS.
  22. Additional Terms and Conditions Policy: Your booking is subject to the Cozi Terms, Privacy Policy, and this Guest Agreement which can be found at www.cozivr.com/terms
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